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Work Shift Calendar
About the app

Key features

This app is designed for shift workers and people who need to organize their day to day basis and thus not to miss any appointments.

Easy and fast

Create and configure all the shifts you need. Use PAINT or EDIT modes to create your patterns.

Alarms & Statistics

Never miss an appointment again. Take full control of your shifts and your worked hours.

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Share your calendars

Share your calendars as an image, PDF or even the full editable calendar.

Much more!

Widgets, notes, icons, national holidays, backups, images and much more!


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How does it work?

You can create your working calendar in just seconds!

Edit your shifts

You can fully customize your shifts:

- Appearance: Color, text, abbreviation, text color and text size

- Schedule: Start and end times, rest time, alarms, income rates

- Actions: Configure your shift to turn ON or OFF the Bluetooth, WIFI or sound while you work.

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Paint your pattern

You can edit your calendars in different ways. Choose the one you like the most!

- PAINT mode: Select a shift and then press on the days you want to set it. As easy as painting!

- EDIT mode: Select a range of days and add / delete / repeat the shifts on it!

- Or just press the day you want to open a detailed view where you can add shifts, notes or alarms for any given day.

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Repeat your pattern

EDIT mode allows you to select a range of days and make operations to them. You will be able to:

- Repeat the selected pattern to fill your whole calendar in seconds.

- Add a shift to a range of days.

- Remove the shifts on the selected range.

- Copy, cut and paste operations.

Filling a calendar with a repeating pattern has never been easier!

You can still modify your calendar the way you want if there are any changes on your working schedule.

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Simple and beautiful

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Pro Version

Discover Pro Version advantages.

- No ads

- More visual options

- Upload your calendars to Google Calendar

- Create Google Drive backups

- Icons

- Add images

- Import calendars

- Import shifts from other calendars

*No subscriptions, just a single payment.